The Argentine Experience

Buenos Aires

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Package Description

The Argentine Experience is designed to provide an introduction to the best of Argentine gastronomy and culture. It’s not a cooking class, but a fun and unique experience where you can meet and dine with people from all over the world.

Our international team of guides will be there to pamper you and take you through each step of this culinary journey:

Choose from our gourmet fillings and create your own empanada, learning the traditional ‘repulgue’ technique.

Then, let your imagination run wild in the first and only competition for the most creative empanada in Argentina. Along with your creations, you’ll enjoy grilled provoleta cheese with slices of chorizo and our homemade chimichurri sauce.

Indulge in what many claim to be the best meat in Argentina, prepared to order and accompanied by mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. Our filet lomo has a unique 24-hour preparation method that sets us apart from the rest. We have vegetarian, pescetarian, and gluten-free options available upon request.

We have carefully selected 2 different Malbec wines from boutique wineries in Mendoza to complement our food. Learn and enjoy unlimited wine during the dinner. White wine is also available upon request.

Learn to communicate like a true Argentine with our class on classic Argentine gestures.

For dessert, make your own alfajores, the traditional Argentine sweet, where cookies, dulce de leche, melted chocolate fondue, and coconut come together to delight the senses.

Finally, you’ll be taught about the history and etiquette of mate, Argentina’s national pastime, and then prepare it yourself!

Duration: 3 hours

It can be done privately any day of the week. Public groups are available from Monday to Saturday.


  • USD 126.-

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