450 years of History in 4500 mts

Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a City with a rich archaeological patrimony discovered just some years ago. These cultural goods that begin to be to the sight of all, have a symbolic value that helps to the construction of our social identity as inhabitants of the city of Buenos Aires.

Underneath the streets, houses, squares, lies a patrimony more than interesting that explains how life was for our predecessors.

These cultural goods must be exposed and explained to all those who visit Buenos Aires city.

This archaeological circuit includes the districts of Saint Nicholas, Monserrat and San Telmo and includes in its route the following sites, buildings and findings:  Convent of Santa Catarina de Siena, Patio of the City hall of Buenos Aires, Old fortification and customs of Taylor, House of Josefa Maria Ezcurra, Pharmacy La Estrella, Patio  de la procuración de las Misiones (Tunnels of the Manzana de la Luces), Church of San Ignacio, Michelangelo (ex- licorería of the Huergo family), Zanjón de Grabados, Minimum House, Old Jesuit Residence (ex- Jail of Women), Temple of San Pedro Telmo, Club Atlético (ex- clandestine concentration camp of halting and tortures during the last military dictatorship), House of the Tunnel and Lezama Park with National Historical Museum


  • Day and schedules:  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 2PM.
  • Sort of Circuit:  Pedestrian tour across 4500 meters (2,8 miles).
  • Price per person: us$ 96.- (minimum 2 passengers)

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