Gay Argentina in a complete trip


Gay Argentina in a complete trip

4210 USD

Argentina is a country of vast riches, beautiful scenery and lots of secrets to reveal. In Buenos Aires Gay Travel we have put together this package so that you can come to Argentina to enjoy it fully, in a unique experience.

To get to know Buenos Aires, with its wonderful avenues, parks, museums, entertainment centers and people is a unique experience. We will go around the City of Buenos Aires and see a tango show with dinner included, that will show us the city’s typical music and dance.


Afterwards we will travel to the wonderful Iguazú Falls, with its impressive San Martín Fall and the Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo). If you wish to, you can add The Great Adventure, which involves watching those huge falls of thousands litres of water from a rubber dinghy at the foot of the falls. A fun experience the will leave you flabbergasted.

After a night in Buenos Aires, la Reina del Plata, we will go to the Argentine south. We will land in Calafate and from there we will visit the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. I case we want to, we will have enough time to do the minitrekking (a walk on the glacier) or go sailing around the walls of this stunning ice-floating island. We will also be able to go on an excursion to the Upsala, Speghazzini and Onelli Glaciers.

In Ushuaia we will admire the famous lengas woods and its wonderful lakes, as well as having the possibility of riding the End of the World Train and visiting the End of the World Prison, today transformed into a museum.

As always, in Buenos Aires Gay Travel the hotel selection has been planned to offer you comfort, elegance and good service, in each destination of this Complete Argentina.

The elegant Melia Recoleta Plaza, together with the Loi Suites Hotel, a symbol of Iguazú, as well as the Del Glaciar Hotel in Ushuaia, unique for its panoramic views, and the Los Álamos Hotel in Calafate, will provide us with an excellent choice within the 5-star category.

In the 4-star category, The San Telmo Luxury Suites has an exceptional location and the Esturión Hotel in Iguazú has a unique service, just like the Canal de Beagle Hotel in Ushuaia will delight us with its warmth. The Kostein Aike in Calafate, a highly innovative and elegant hotel, completes this 4-star hotel offer.

In the 3-star category, the classic BYS Palermo Hotel, with the almost ecological Orquideas Palace Hotel in Iguazú form a perfect communion with the cosy Las Lengas Hotel in Ushuaia, and the Michelangelo Hotel in Calafate.



the maximum quota of the group is of 14 people and that in case of a minimum of 10 people 
it will be accompanied from Buenos Aires

In this package, all the plane tickets mentioned below are included:

  • Day 1: Arrival at Buenos Aires, reception at airport, transfer to the hotel.
  • Day 2: Buenos Aires. Hotel with breakfast. Morning city tour. Afternoon gay tour with dinner at private restaurant( including beverages), and entrance to disco  1 drink included)
  • Day 3: Buenos Aires. Hotel with breakfast. At night: Tango show with dinner and transfer.
  • Day 4: Buenos Aires – Breakfast – transfer to airport – flight to Iguazú. Arrival. Reception at airport, transfer to the hotel.
  • Day 5: Iguazú – hotel with breakfast. Half-day visit to Argentine Falls.
  • Day 6:  Iguazú - breakfast – transfer to airport and flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival- reception at  airport and transfer to the hotel.
  • Day 7: Buenos Aires – transfer to airport and flight to Calafate. Arrival - reception at airport and transfer to hotel.
  • Day 8: Calafate – hotel with breakfast. Day tour to Perito Moreno Glacier, ticket to National Park included.
  • Day 9: Calafate - breakfast – transfer to airport and flight to Ushuaia. Reception at  airport and transfer to hotel.
  • Day 10: Ushuaia – hotel with breakfast. Half-day excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park, ticket included.
  • Day 11: Ushuaia – hotel with breakfast. Day tour to Fagnano and Escondido lakes.
  • Day 12: Ushuaia - breakfast - transfer to airport and flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival - Reception at airport and transfer to hotel.
  • Day 13: Buenos Aires - hotel with breakfast
  • Day 14: Buenos Aires - breakfast - transfer to airport.

Our program

Prices per person doble room base:

  • Five-star hotels option:  Melia Recoleta Plaza / Loi Suites Hotel / Los Alamos Hotel / Del Glaciar Hotel 5*   USD 5.399.-
  • Four-stars hotels: San Telmo Luxury Suites / Hotel Esturion / Hotel Kostein Aike / Hotel Canal de Beagle 4*   USD 4.789.-
  • three-stars hotels : Bys Palermo Hotel / Hotel Orquideas / Hotel Michelangelo / Hotel Las Lengas 3* USD 4.210.-


Single supplement: 30%

These prices include the following plane tickets:

Buenos Aires / Iguazú / Buenos Aires / Calafate / Ushuaia / Buenos Aires

Daily departure for individuals



We invite you to know Buenos Aires ...


We invite you to know the wonderful Patagonia Argentina ...


The beautiful colonial city will welcome us with the warmth of its people and its tradition.