About Buenos Aires Gay Travel and our services:

When we get there, Will you be waiting for us?

Yes. We Will be waiting for you to welcome you and take you to the hotel you be staying at.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank draft, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram or by mailing a check in dollars (USD). We will send you the information as soon as you requiere it

Can I use my credit card to pay for my trips?

We do not have that method of payment yet, but we will soon.

I’m not gay but I’m interested in travelling with you, Is that possible anyway?

Of course! Even though our agency specializes in tourism for people from the gay community, we can offer you the best option for you to enjoy Buenos Aires and Argentina.

Do the excursions include a guide that speaks other languages besides Spanish?

Yes. The excursions include guides who, at least, speak English and Portuguese, as well as Spanish.

What happens if the flight is delayed? Will the transfer wait for the passengers or not?

We will wait for you, no doubt.

What should I do if my question is not answered here?

Yo can use our contact form to let us know all your doubts. We will reply soon.

How can I get in touch with you?

Use our contact form and we will reply soon.

About Buenos Aires and Argentina in general:

Is it better to bring foreign currency and exchange it in Argentina?

This depends on the exchange rates at the time of your trip. At the moment, it is more convenient to buy Argentinian Pesos here.

Do we need any special vacine to travel to Buenos Aires and Argentina?

Usually not. We will be more specific according to your arrival country.

Is a good medical service in Buenos Aires and Argentina guaranteed?

Totally. We advice you to travel with a health travel insurance. We can provide it to you. You can check its cost and coverage at our contact webpage.

Is it convenient to carry our Ids in a bag that is not checked in the plane?

Yes, both your ID and your medicines, if you need them, should travel with the passenger in see-through envelopes to avoid delays at airports. It is also convenient that you put your prescription that certifies you need them together with our meds.

In case we travel with a pet and we decide to pay for a ticket, can it travel with us in the passanger’s cabin?

That depends on the company you are flying with. It is not a usual service, but you may find it, for instance, if you travel with Air France

Can I get fresh or dairy food into Argentina?

No. The Argentinian sanitary authorities only allow canned goods in.

About shopping and services in Buenos Aires:

Can I get a tailor-made leather clothing item ready in 48 hours in Buenos Aires?

Yes. You can pay for it when you get it. We will take it to wherever you are staying.

Are there 5-star restaurants as in Europe? Are there similar guides to the Michelin guide to restaurants?

Yes. We have a wide variety of top restaurants and there are guides similar to Michelin. You can check these guides with us or allow us to recommend multiple and varied restaurants that you will love for sure.

Are there shops specialised in high quality bedclothes?

Yes, we have a wide variety of big shops where you will even find hand serigraphed sheets.

Is it possible to ship wine to my address in London, for instance? Are there shipping companies that make sure they get there?

Absolutely. We have companies specialized in this type of deliberéis, for you to enjoy Argentinian wines as you would in Buenos Aires.

Are there spas such as La Praire in the French Alps?

Yes. There are various spas, located both in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires as well as in quieter areas and away from hectic downtown Buenos Aires.

Are there jeweller's shop similar to the ones you can find in Rodeo Drive, Hollywood?

Totally. In Buenos Aires you will find branches of all the big brands, where you will be able to get from Cartier watches to Harry Winston jewellery.

Are there stores such as Marks & Spencer which provide of gourmet goods in Buenos Aires?

Yes. In Buenos Aires you will find many different places, such us El Gato Negro, for instance, with many branches, where you will find a wide variety of gourmet products that will surely satisfy your needs such as, for example, dozens types of curry.

Are there clothing items such as Austrian Loden to get in Buenos Aires or in Patagonic regions?

Totally. We have plenty of shops specialized in the sale of these products for people of all ages.

Are there any places that provide or rent skiing accesories?

Absolutely. You will find them both in Buenos Aires and at the ski centres in Patagonia.

Are there spas which provide body treatments exclusively for men?

Absolutely. There are various centres where you will be able to enjoy of all the comfort and get treatments that will renew your body and spirit.

Are there tailor-made shirts made of Egiptian cotton as in Sulka’s in New York?

We have dozens of stores that can help you with the making of these and many more.

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